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Smart Choice Agents Program Virginia News

Smart Choice® Agents Program Virginia News

Updated March 2017

 Virginia Insurance Agent Program | Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024

Roger Gill, Virginia Smart Choice® Territory Manager


OVirginia Independent Insurance Agent Update on the Smart Choice Agents Program (804) 638-9024ver the past several years,  the Smart Choice® Team  has been working hard to make their Virginia Insurance Agent Program even better.   The following is an overview that will provide some insight as to why I believe this program is the best opportunity for Virginia Independent and Captive Agents with a Letter of Authority to expand their markets with top rated, diverse carriers, receive higher commissions and bonuses, and have unequaled support services.  Bookmark this page for easy future reference.


IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Although Direct Appointment Access to Smart Choice® Carriers require only a small commitment, Carriers may reduce commissions or cancel the appointment, if the minimum commitment is not met.  Please check and prepare to meet your commitment with each directly appointed carrier.


1. NEW Monthly Smart Choice® Update: I will be providing my Smart Choice agents with a NEW Monthly update beginning now–Our Virginia program and benefits are growing so fast that this monthly communication is needed to keep you informed and up to date.  You will have access to our Carrier Information Spreadsheet that is continuously updated.  See #7 below.  Insurance Marketing News and Information will be included also.

2.  NEW Markets Added Recently: Many top-rated carriers and a few large brokerage firms have been added to our diverse portfolio of markets.   You now have the ability to provide coverages for most any risk.  See List Below.

3.  NEW: Smart Choice® Express Market Program — Carriers pay agents directly–no fees or commission split with Smart Choice®–Tapco, AllRisks, BTIS, Atlas, Five Star, Arrowhead, Burns and Wilcox, RMS, and The Willis Programs.   See the EXPRESS Commercial Carriers in the list below.

4.  NEW:  Smart Start Programs in commercial and personal lines makes it easy for experienced and start-up agencies to grow their book of business. These programs have been expanded and improved.  See Smart Start Commercial & Personal Lines  “How It Works” below.

5.  NEW VIVA Life and Quick Life Programs makes providing  Life Insurance to your clients easy.  Viva Life is an online portal for your website that allows customers to buy direct and get instant coverage.  Quick Life allows you to do as much of the process as you like or let the professional team at Quick Life do it all for you–just provide the contact info.  Quick and Easy Quoting engine for 50 plus carriers.  Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024 for details and appointment.

6.  NEW:  Liberty Mutual Commercial Direct Appointments are Available in Virginia NOW!

7.  NEW Smart Choice® Carrier Spreadsheet: (Available Now)  To provide a quick overview and a detailed review of the many carriers that Smart Choice® has provided for Virginia agents, I am creating a Master Virginia Carrier spreadsheet with many features and components—Market Segmentation, Underwriting Guidelines, Coastal Guidelines, etc….. and that will keep you informed.  This Tool is intended to provide you with a quick determination of carrier markets and the information to move quickly toward meeting the needs of your clients.  Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024 for access.

8. NEW:  Book Rolls and Book Aggregations may immediately increase your current and future income.  For example, one carrier currently pays 32% on personal lines DWP for a book roll over $100,000; and pays 25% on future new PL combo business and 15% on all renewals.  The carriers generally do most of the work.   Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024 for details.

9. Smart Choice® Agents Referral Program.  Get paid by simply referring insurance agents to Smart Choice®.   Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024 to obtain your Smart Choice® Referral Agreement.

Below is information about The Smart Choice® Program in Virginia for your convenience.



Major Reasons to recommend our Smart Choice® Agents Program in Virginia:  I chose the Smart Choice® Agents program over the other alliance and aggregate opportunities for the following main reasons:

(1)  Access to Top-Rated, Competitive Carriers

(2)  No Startup or On-Going Fees

(3)  Own 100% of Your Book of Business

(4)  Perpetuate  Your Agency the Way You Would Like

(5)  Bonuses 

(6)  Many Money Saving Benefits and Support

In summary, the Virginia Insurance Agent Program provides you with access to top rated, insurance carriers without a large upfront fee or ongoing perpetual fees.   Smart Choice® shares a commission split up to a cap each year; after the cap is reached, the agent receives 100% of commissions over the cap.  (Details about commissions are explained in the Smart Choice® Agents Agreement (request one from Roger Gill).

If and when you decided to sell or give away your agency—no problem, you can.  Smart Choice® does not own an equity position in your agency—you own 100% of the agency and book.




The Smart Choice® Virginia Insurance Agent Program

Access to Commercial Lines Insurance Carriers for Virginia Agents

Smart Choice® Virginia Carrier Partners:  Below are our current Virginia Insurance Carrier Partners that provide a broad segment of diverse commercial markets.  The Express and Smart Start Commercial Lines carriers do not require a direct appointment and do not require any DWP commitment.

Direct appointments with our commercial carriers generally only require minimum commitments of one to two policies per month average or about $50,000 in new DWP annually.

All Risks  (EXPRESS   Broad Risk Brokerage–pays agents directly)

Atlas   (EXPRESS Commercial Lines Class A Contractors up to 100% Subs, Artisans, and more..pays agents directly)

Berkshire Hathaway Guard    (Commercial Lines Direct)

BTIS  (EXPRESS Commercial Lines GL and WC mainly for Artisan Contractors–Startups and Lapses welcomed!  Pays agents directly)

Burns & Wilcox Brokerage  (EXPRESS  Broad Risk Brokerage–pays agents directly)

CNA  (Commercial Lines – Smart Start Commercial and Direct)

Donegal  (Commercial Lines Direct)

Five Star (EXPRESS Commercial Lines — Transportation — Trucking, Limos, & Taxis, and more…  pays agents directly)

Liberty Mutual  (Commercial Lines Smart Start Commercial and Direct)

Main Street   (Commercial Lines Direct)

MetLife Small Business  (Commercial Lines – Smart Start Commercial and Direct)

NetComp   (Stand Alone Workers Comp–Startups and Lapses Welcomed!)

RMS   (EXPRESS    Hospitality Industry – Motels to Night Clubs — pays agents directly)

Starr DoveTail   (EXPRESS Commercial Lines BOPs – Smart Start Commercial and Direct – Startups and Lapses Welcomed!)

State Auto   (Farms)

TAPCO Brokerage   (EXPRESS    Broad Risk Brokerage–pays agents directly)

The Hartford   (Commercial Lines – Smart Start Commercial and Direct)

Travelers  (Commercial Lines – Smart Start Commercial and Direct)

USLI  (EXPRESS   Commercial Lines–Available via Tapco Direct)

Willis Programs  (EXPRESS  Commercial Lines Programs; i.e., PizzaGuard Package–Everything for Pizza Shop and Delivery)


Access to Personal Lines Insurance Carriers for Virginia Agents

Below are the current Smart Choice®  Virginia Personal Lines Insurance Carrier Partners that provide a broad segment of diverse, markets with limited commitments.


ALFA Vision & Select  (Personal Lines)

Allied (Nationwide)   (Personal Lines)

Allstate  (Mainly for Rural Areas)

ArrowHead   (Personal Lines Mono Homeowners– pays agents directly)

Augusta Mutual  (Personal Lines Homeowners)

AVIA Life  (Online Direct Purchase Client Portal Term Life)

Dairyland  (Motorcycle and Non Standard Auto)

Donegal  (Personal & Commercial Lines)

Encompass  (Smart Start and Personal Lines Direct)

Foremost   (Personal Lines & Commercial Lines)

Grange   (Personal Lines Smart Start, Direct, and Life)

Kemper   (Personal Lines Smart Start and Direct)

Lincoln Financial  (Life and Annuities)

Main Street   (Personal & Commercial Lines)

Mercury  (Personal Lines and Business Auto)

MetLife  Auto & Home  ( Personal Lines Smart Start, Direct and Flood)

Omni  (Personal Lines Smart Start and Direct)

Quick Life Program  (Life Insurance–Quick & Easy Quote engine for multiple carriers–Professional Team will do it all for you!)

TAPCO Brokerage   (Broad Risk Brokerage–pays agents directly)

Travelers  (Personal & Commercial Lines Smart Start and Direct)

Safeco  (Personal Lines Smart Start and Direct)

State Auto  (Personal Lines & Farms Direct)

Stillwater  (Personal Lines Smart Start and Direct)



Smart Choice® Programs and Benefits

The following links will provide additional information about many of the Smart Choice® programs and benefits.  Visit the website directly at:   The following links will provide additional information about many of the Smart Choice® Programs, Vendor Discounts, and Benefits.  

Please review the Smart Start Personal Lines and the Smart Start Commercial Lines Programs, as these were designed to provide start-up agencies with the markets, support, and processes they need to be successful.

NOTE:  The Vendor Services and Products are discounted for Smart Choice® Agents!  Go to the links below for Details.

Smart Start Personal Lines Program    Immediate Access to Top Rated National Carriers

Smart Start Commercial Program    Complete a two minute online form & get quotes from Top Commercial Carriers

Smart Choice® Life  One of easy ways to provide Life Insurance

Smart Choice® Express Markets  Many markets and carriers with no commitment — Pays Agent Directly

Smart Choice® Group E&O    Get E&O coverage in minutes —  Online Form from CalSurance

EzLynx Comparative Rater & Management System   Discounted for Smart Choice® Agents

QQ  Solutions Management System   Discounted for Smart Choice® Agents

SEMCAT RATER  Discounted for Smart Choice® Agents

CE  Authority $29 a year for a Library of Insurance Courses and Complete CE Requirements!

Smart Choice® Magazine  Learn  about the history and development of Smart Choice® in our Monthly Magazine.



Smart Start Personal Program

Virginia Insurance Agent Program | Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024

Smart Start Commercial Program 

Virginia Insurance Agent Program | Call Roger Gill (804) 638-9024




Again,  please let me know if you have any questions.  I look forward to working with you.


Roger L. Gill

Virginia Territory Manager
Smart Choice®

The Insurance Advisor, LLC

7633 Hull Street Rd, Ste 100
North Chesterfield, VA  23235

P: 804-308-9424
C: 804-731-3050
F: 804-638-9900

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